Ethplorer API

Explore & Manage Ethereum Blockchain



This API is best for exploring and managing Ethereum data housed on the blockchain.

Developers should use Ethplorer API because it is highly customizable and it gives them access to rich and detailed metadata on the Ethereum Network. Its Explorer allows developers to search the entire Ethereum blockchain and find insight-filled information. The data can be tapped into using two simple APIs: Ethplorer and Ethplorer Bulk. Ethplorer provides detailed info on all Ethereum addresses and tokens, as well as minute-by-minute updates and real-time data. Ethplorer Bulk is built for efficient data extraction from the Ethereum blockchain.

Screenshot of Ethplorer API website

Key features

Potential use cases

Ethplorer API has been a gamechanger for our business! With its real-time data and insights, we have been able to quickly leverage the power of Ethereum to drive our operations in a very efficient manner. Some of our key customers have noted a decrease in payment fraud, and that has been a huge plus!

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