LinkPreview API

Generate rich link previews



This API is best for generating rich, accurate and detailed link previews for URLs

A developer would use this API to improve the user experience of their application and increase engagement, by adding rich media link previews to the URLs shared within the app. This API can also be used for SEO purposes or social media sharing, as it provides accurate metadata information that can be displayed on search engine results or shared on social media platforms. Additionally, the auto-refresh feature ensures that the link previews always display up-to-date information.

Screenshot of LinkPreview API website

Key features

Potential use cases

The LinkPreview API is an essential component of our social media marketing platform. It enables us to provide our customers with visually compelling and informative post previews, which not only increases click-through rates but also enhances the overall user experience. Highly recommend this API to any developer who needs accurate link previews.

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