Shutterstock API

Unlock the power of Shutterstock in your app or workflow.



This API is best for accessing Shutterstock's content and its suite of tools, as well as for marketing and selling Shutterstock content.

A developer should use the Shutterstock API because it gives access to millions of photos, videos and music for use in their apps or workflow. It also enables them to add features such as search, personalized recommendations, and e-commerce solutions within their apps. With the help of the Shutterstock API, developers can build custom collections and geolocation services.

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Key features

Potential use cases

Shutterstock's API offering was easy to use, with a wealth of content to take advantage of. Through the API, I was able to integrate Shutterstock content directly into my project's workflow quickly and effeciently, making it a great resource for lightening the load of managing and distributing registered content.

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