Adopt-a-Pet API

Help Animals Find Forever Homes!



This API is best for retrieving and updating information on adoptable pets.

The Adopt-a-Pet API is the perfect tool for software developers looking to access and receive up-to-date information about adoptable pets, with a database including over 1,000 animal shelters and 16,000 rescues. Developers can also use this API to retrieve, edit, and update pet information, as well as submit pet images to the Adopt-a-Pet platform. It provides an easy and efficient way to search for adoptable pets as well as keep track of the status of adoptions.

Screenshot of Adopt-a-Pet API website

Key features

Potential use cases

Using the Adopt-a-Pet API, I was able to quickly match potential adoptive families with their perfect pet. The information was always accurate, and the APIs made the process efficient and easy!

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