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We are thrilled to announce that now features a directory of the best self-hosted projects!

To better serve developers looking for reliable public APIs and innovative solutions, we’ve added a variety of self-hosted projects. These projects offer you more control over your infrastructure and can help you build and manage your applications more effectively.

What’s New?

  • Diverse Range of Self-Hosted Solutions: From content management systems to analytics tools, find the perfect self-hosted solution for your needs.
  • Detailed Information: Each project is accompanied by in-depth descriptions and feature overviews, so you can choose the right tool with confidence.

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Announcing the Launch of Your Resource for Public APIs

We are excited to introduce, your new go-to platform for discovering the best public APIs tailored to your software needs. As a software engineer, you understand the importance of integrating APIs to create robust, efficient, and scalable products. At, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of these resources to help you build with confidence.

  • Wide Range of APIs: From social media and e-commerce to finance, our platform offers a diverse selection of public APIs that cater to various domains.

  • Detailed Descriptions: Each resource on comes with thorough information about its features and capabilities, ensuring you make informed decisions.

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