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This API is best for developers to create applications using government-developed open source software. API is a secure and comprehensive API with the ability to access government related open source software. Developers can build applications with this API and take advantage of existing projects released by the government. It's easy to use and setup a secure environment for development purposes with secure collaboration capabilities, secure code management, bug tracking, and a secure development lifecycle for deployment. The API Directory provides access to API options for accessing data and services across many government sources. Code reviews and feedback from other developers provide quality assurance as projects evolve and documentation makes it easier to get started.

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Key features

Potential use cases API has helped me to take advantage of existing government open source projects, develop better applications, and collaborate with the community. With access to the API Directory, I was able to quickly build an application that accesses data across many government sources. Secure version management ensured I was always working with the right code versions. I'm so grateful to have this great resource available to help me build robust applications with minimal development effort.

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