DB Fahrplan API

Your gateway to Deutsche Bahn's public transportation data

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This API is best for developers building apps or services that require access to schedules and real-time information for trains, buses, and other forms of public transport in Germany.

Developers would use this API to build applications or services that help people navigate the complex public transport network in Germany. With access to real-time information on schedules and delays, developers can create apps that help commuters plan their journeys, avoid delays, and find the fastest routes between different stations. Additionally, developers can use the API to build tools that help them analyze the performance of different routes and optimize their transit networks.

Key features

Potential use cases

The DB Fahrplan API has been an invaluable resource for our transit app. With real-time schedule and delay information, we're able to provide our users with accurate, up-to-the-minute information on their journeys, helping them save time and avoid frustration.

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