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This API is best for developers who want to integrate a commenting system into their website without having to worry about building it from scratch.

A developer would use Disqus API to add commenting functionality to their website or application. With features like real-time updates, spam filtering, and analytics, developers can create an immersive commenting experience for their users without worrying about the technical aspects of building and maintaining a commenting system. Additionally, Disqus API offers single sign-on and customizable UI, making it easy to integrate into existing websites or applications.

Key features

Potential use cases

Since integrating Disqus API on our website, we've seen a significant increase in user engagement and comments. The real-time updates and spam filtering have made it easy for our readers to interact with each other and share their thoughts on our content. Overall, we're extremely happy with the Disqus API and would highly recommend it to any website looking to add a commenting system.

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