DU University Chapters API

Unlock the power of mapping waterfowl with the DU University Chapter API.



This API is best for getting detailed information about DU University Chapters.

This API allows developers to quickly and easily access detailed information about DU University Chapters. The GIS mapping feature is particularly useful as it allows developers to plot the location of specific chapters and program info and contact info so users can search for chapters within their geographic area. It also provides stories and photos from these chapters to give a clearer picture of the work DU is doing to promote conservation of waterfowl.

Screenshot of DU University Chapters API website

Key features

Potential use cases

The DU University Chapters API helps us better understand waterfowl and the impact of our local conservation efforts. It's made it easy to find relevant chapters in our area, compare them, and stay connected with alumni in the national network. We absolutely recommend it!

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