Free and open access to biodiversity data



This API is best for biodiversity researchers, conservation organizations, and other professionals working with biological data

A developer would use the GBIF API to access a vast database of biodiversity records from around the world, including species occurrence data, taxonomic information, and sampling protocols. Using this data, developers can create applications that help monitor and protect endangered species, track the spread of invasive species, and study the effects of climate change on biodiversity. With its open and free access, the GBIF API is a valuable resource for researchers, conservationists, and anyone interested in the natural world.

Key features

Potential use cases

As a conservation biologist, the GBIF API has been an invaluable resource for my research. The ability to access millions of biodiversity records from around the world has helped me understand the extent of species declines and inform conservation planning. The API is easy to use and provides rich metadata for each record, making it an essential tool for anyone working with biological data.

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