GeoPlugin API

Get geographical precision with your website, mobile app or project



This API is best for geolocating IP addresses and providing users with information about the geographical location of web visitors.

The GeoPlugin API is the perfect solution for developers who require the geolocalization of their website, mobile app or project. It is easy to set up with simple code and easy-to-follow documentation. The API delivers geolocalization data that is accurate and fast, so developers can get up and running quickly. Additionally, with its high level of reliability, developers can rest assured that the data they are gathering is dependable and trustworthy. This API also comes backed by a support team to assist in any query or problem that may arise.

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Key features

Potential use cases

GeoPlugin API helped us find an extremely reliable solution for geolocating our users on our website. Its accuracy and affordability enabled us to accurately provide location-specific services to our customers. The customer support team was also great and gave us personalized help for our queries.

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