GraphHopper API

The Open Source Routing Engine API



This API is best for developers who need a reliable and fast routing engine with advanced features.

A developer would use GraphHopper API to add routing and geocoding functionalities to their applications. With customizable routing profiles, real-time traffic data integration, and public transit routing, GraphHopper API provides advanced features that can enhance the user experience of location-based applications. It also allows for isochrone and matrix calculations to be performed which provide insights on reachable locations from a certain point on a map. The API provides straightforward documentation and developer-friendly libraries. Through the use of open-source technology, the API is also cost-effective and customizable for developers.

Screenshot of GraphHopper API website

Key features

Potential use cases

We were looking for a routing engine that would allow us to incorporate real-time traffic data into our delivery application. GraphHopper API not only provided a reliable routing engine, but also allowed us to create customizable profiles that fit the specific needs of our service. The ability to integrate this API into our application has made our service more efficient and reliable for our clients.

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