Get rich, real-time information on any IP address or domain name

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This API is best for getting detailed geographical, networking, or security information on any given IP address or domain name.

The IPStack API provides developers with powerful real-time tools for obtaining geographically-accurate, secure, and reliable information on virtually any IP address and domain name. Developers can easily use the API to get current and historic data such as city or country, timezone, ISP, language, currency, latitude/longitude coordinates, and other key data points. With the IPStack API, developers can easily add value to their applications by creating new data-driven applications and services.

Key features

Potential use cases

IPStack has been a crucial part of our business intelligence efforts. With the IPStack API, we've been able to quickly get detailed and accurate geographic data on our customers, which has allowed us to make more informed decisions in our day-to-day operations and help us better serve our customers.

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