Izi Travel API

The storytelling platform for museums and cities



This API is best for building interactive and engaging tours of museums and cities, featuring rich multimedia content and informative descriptions.

A developer would use the Izi Travel API to create a unique, immersive museum or city experience that combines multimedia content such as images, audio and video, with informative descriptions. Users can create their own customizable tours with offline support, making it perfect for travelers with limited connectivity. With integration with various social media and location-based services, developers can take advantage of API analytics and reporting to provide an exceptional experience for their users.

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Key features

Potential use cases

Thanks to the Izi Travel API, my museum audio guide app has become the go-to app for museum visitors across the world. The API's integration with various social media and location-based services has allowed me to track and analyze the usage patterns of my users, enabling me to continuously improve the user experience. Highly recommended!

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