Longdo Map API

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This API is best for developing robust mapping solutions with detailed maps, route calculations, search and more.

This API offers excellent coverage and detail levels on maps, with many features to tailor and customize your mapping solutions. Developers can leverage the route calculation, search, and fine-grained details on roads and speed. Developers can integrate this API with other services like geolocation to create mapping solutions that give users confidence on their direction and journey or allow development of applications around fleet management or search. Longdo Map offers a consistent set of APIs that can provide detailed information on areas where developers need to suit their application.

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Key features

Potential use cases

Working with Longdo Map API has been a marvelous experience. It provides great coverage and detail on maps, the features for route calculation and search has made our lives easier. We can now recommend the best route to our users and anticipate possible delays too.

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