Real-time transit information for the Atlanta Region

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This API is best for developers who want to integrate real-time transit information for the Atlanta region into their applications.

Developers would use the MARTA API to build real-time transit tracking applications for the Atlanta region. With the ability to access real-time rail and bus predictions and scheduling information, vehicle locations and service advisories, developers can create enhanced navigation apps, build applications that notify when specific buses or trains are arriving at a particular stop, or even mash up the API with other transportation APIs to create a comprehensive transportation app. The robust developer resources and tools make it easy to get started with the API, and the API is constantly updated with new information and features.

Key features

Potential use cases

Thanks to the MARTA API, I was able to build an Atlanta transit tracking app within a few days. It has increased the convenience of public transportation for thousands of users who can now track their train and bus arrivals from the comfort of their phone.

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