Real-time access to Boston’s most-used transportation network

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This API is best for developers creating applications related to transportation infrastructure and services.

Developers would use the MBTA API to access real-time data and information from Boston’s public transit network. This data can be used to help users plan trips, monitor arrival and departure times, and stay updated on service advisories and alerts. The API also offers geolocation services, enabling developers to build location-based features and applications. Overall, the MBTA API makes it easy to integrate public transit data into new and existing applications, providing a seamless transportation experience for users.

Key features

Potential use cases

The MBTA API has been incredibly useful for our team in building a transportation app that helps users navigate the complex network of buses, trains, and subways in Boston. With real-time access to data on service advisories and schedules, we’ve been able to deliver a seamless and reliable transit experience for our users.

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