MeaningCloud Sentiment Analysis API

Get to know the mood of your audience



This API is best for analyzing the sentiment of texts, comments, or reviews written in different languages and returning the results in a structured manner.

A developer would use this API to analyze the sentiment and mood of reviews or comments in different languages, classify texts into different categories, and detect sarcasm and irony. It can be used to derive insights into customers' feedback, social media posts, and news articles, or even for content moderation. With MeaningCloud Sentiment Analysis API, developers can extract valuable information from unstructured text in a simple and fast way, leveraging Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms.

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Key features

Potential use cases

We have been using MeaningCloud Sentiment Analysis API for several years in our social media monitoring and sentiment analysis project, and we are very satisfied with its performance and accuracy. The API is very easy to use, and the support team provides excellent technical assistance and documentation.

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