Nomics API

The financial data API

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This API is best for developers looking to access clean, normalized, and gapless primary source financial data.

The Nomics API offers data for developers who are looking for reliable and high-quality data for their applications. The data generated from the API is clean and normalized which helps eliminate the need for users to map and normalize data from a variety of primary sources. Additionally, the Nomics API provides access to a wide range of cryptocurrency data such as real-time & historical price data, exchange & trading data, blockchain explorer, and cryptocurrency news & social media data.

Key features

Potential use cases

I recently started using the Nomics API to provide my users with real-time and historical cryptocurrency data. The API is easy to use and I love that the data is normalized and gapless. I’d definitely recommend Nomics to anyone looking to access reliable financial data to use in their applications.

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