A unified REST API for accelerated development

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This API is best for quickly building, connecting, and modifying REST APIs.

Rejax is an effective tool to accelerate development, allowing developers to quickly build, connect, and modify REST APIs necessary for their projects. An intuitive Graph Syntax query language allows developers to define a desired UI experience with a simple syntax, while the real-time streaming feature helps optimize performance. The platform is easily scalable, ensuring efficient cross-platform development and heightened security and privacy. Serverless deployment has enabled a versatile architecture and allows for flexible data models.

Key features

Potential use cases

Rejax has enabled us to develop a highly secure, real-time web application in a fraction of the time it would have taken before. Their intuitive Graph Syntax has allowed us to develop complex user experiences without extra effort, and their serverless deployment has been a great asset. We highly recommend this API to any developer looking to get their project off the ground quickly.

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