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This API is best for developers looking to create applications for Denver public transit riders

A developer would use this API to create applications that provide riders with real-time information on public transit schedules and vehicle locations. This could include mobile apps, websites, or other tools that help people navigate the Denver public transit system. With access to real-time data, developers can create tools that help riders plan their trips more efficiently, reduce wait times, and provide more accurate information about arrival times. Overall, this API can be used to improve the experience of riders, increase the usage of public transit, and promote sustainable transportation options.

Key features

Potential use cases

As a developer creating a mobile app for Denver public transit riders, I found the RTD Denver GTFS API to be extremely easy to use and well-documented. With access to real-time vehicle locations and arrival predictions, I was able to create a tool that provides riders with accurate, up-to-date information on when their bus or train will arrive. This has helped to increase usage of public transit among our users and has made their commutes more efficient and enjoyable.

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