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This API is best for individuals and businesses that require accurate and reliable weather data to make informed decisions

Developers would use this API to integrate real-time and historical weather data into their applications. Businesses that work with marine industries would benefit from the specialized marine data provided by the API. This data can be used to make informed decisions regarding operations, safety, and route planning. Weather-related businesses such as tourism or agriculture could use this API to provide valuable weather information to their customers. The API contains a large amount of data that can be accessed programmatically, making it an ideal choice for developers interested in building weather-focused applications.

Key features

Potential use cases

As a marine transportation company, we heavily rely on Storm Glass for our daily operations. The API provides real-time and historical marine weather data that is accurate and reliable. The specialized marine data provided by Storm Glass has helped us with route planning, safety, and overall efficiency. We highly recommend Storm Glass to any business that requires accurate weather data for their operations.

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