Watchmode API

Movies and TV Shows API for streaming services and media libraries



This API is best for developers who need access to comprehensive movie and TV show data

Developers can use Watchmode API for building applications on top of movies and TV shows data. They can create media libraries, streaming services, recommendation engines based on the user's history and behavior. Developers can get access to data like ratings, reviews, release dates, actors, directors, and other metadata. Watchmode API provides comprehensive coverage of movies and TV shows and saves the developer time and effort spent on data collection and cleaning. Developers can create a personalized movie and TV show experience for users with the help of the Watchmode API.

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Key features

Potential use cases

Watchmode API saved us hundreds of hours of data collection and cleaning, and it provided us with comprehensive coverage of movies and TV shows. We were able to build a personalized recommendation engine for our streaming service with ease. Highly recommended for anyone working with movie and TV show data.

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