Visual database exploration made for real world databases (big and messy). Explore your database schema as well as data, document them, extend them and even get analysis and guidelines.

Product Overview

Azimutt is a self-hosted, visual database exploration tool designed to help you understand your real-world databases, even those that are big and messy. With Azimutt, you can explore your database schema, document it, extend it, and gain insights and guidelines to improve its design.

Main Features

  • Design with AML: Create a schema using the minimalistic and intuitive DSL (Domain Specific Language) designed for fast diagramming.
  • Explore your database: Search everywhere, display only useful tables/columns, and follow relations to gain a deeper understanding of your data.
  • Query your data: Follow foreign keys and display entities in diagram for a more comprehensive view of your data.
  • Document and showcase: Add table and column notes for documentation, layout memos, and visual indications to keep track of use cases, features, or team scopes.
  • Analyze and optimize: Identify inconsistencies and apply best practices to improve your database design.
  • Linter for your database: Azimutt's analysis will point out potential issues and suggest improvements in your schema.
  • Works with any database: Relational and document-based databases are supported natively, with easy extension through JSON.
  • Showcase and share: Embed diagrams wherever you want, and share them secretly or publicly as needed.
  • Path between tables: Azimutt will help you find the right path when you don't know it.


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