A self-hosted BitTorrent indexer, DHT crawler, content classifier and torrent search engine with web UI, GraphQL API and Servarr stack integration.

Product Overview

BitMagnet is a self-hosted BitTorrent indexer, DHT crawler, content classifier, and torrent search engine that offers a unique combination of features and functionality. At its core, BitMagnet allows you to index torrents from any source, including the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) network, and then search through your collection using a GraphQL API or a user-friendly web interface. With BitMagnet, you can discover new content, classify it, and enrich it with metadata from sources like The Movie Database.

Main Features

BitMagnet offers several key features that set it apart from other torrent indexers:

  1. DHT Crawler: BitMagnet's DHT crawler allows it to connect to the global network of peers and discover new content without relying on external trackers or torrent indexers.
  2. Generic BitTorrent Indexer: You can index torrents from any source, not just the DHT network, using the /import endpoint.
  3. Content Classifier: BitMagnet's classifier can identify movie and television content, along with related attributes like language, resolution, and source (BluRay, webrip, etc.).
  4. Torrent Search Engine: Use BitMagnet's search engine to find specific torrents in your collection.
  5. GraphQL API: Interact with BitMagnet using a GraphQL API that provides a single search query endpoint, as well as an embedded playground at /graphql.
  6. Web User Interface (Angular): Access BitMagnet's features through a simple, single-page application that provides a user interface for searching queries via the GraphQL API.
  7. Torznab- compatible Endpoint: Integrate BitMagnet with Servarr stack using Torznab-compatible endpoint.

These features make BitMagnet an attractive option for those looking to manage their torrent collection and discover new content without relying on external services.


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