Create a virtual game room around a connected buzzer (documentation in French).

Product Overview

Digibuzzer is an online application that enables the creation of virtual game rooms around a connected buzzer. This innovative project allows users to design and customize their own gaming experiences, making it perfect for gamers and event organizers alike. With Digibuzzer, you can create immersive and interactive environments that bring people together.

Main Features

  1. Virtual Game Rooms: Create custom-designed virtual spaces for your games, complete with connected buzzers.
  2. Accessibility Attributes: Modals and buttons are optimized for accessibility, ensuring inclusivity for all users.
  3. Material Icons Update: Freshen up your game rooms with the latest Material Icons update.
  4. Renderer Configuration: Customize the renderer configuration to suit your needs.
  5. Server-Side Rendering: Take advantage of server-side rendering for improved performance and security.
  6. Environment Variables: Configure environment variables for production use (create a .env file at the root directory).
  7. Visit Activity and Conversation Performance Analytics: Monitor visit activity and conversation performance metrics, including reply rate times and response averages.

Overall, Digibuzzer is an exciting project that has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience online gaming and events. With its innovative features and accessibility-focused design, it's no wonder this project has gained popularity among developers and gamers alike.