Web-based conference planning and management system. It helps to collect submissions, to manage talks and speakers and to create a schedule.

Product Overview

Frab is a free and open conference planning and management system that helps organizations collect submissions, manage talks and speakers, and create schedules for their events. This web-based system replaces traditional paper-based planning methods with a comprehensive digital solution. Frab's features include managing multiple conferences, tracking event submissions, scheduling events, and more.

Main Features

Here are some of the key features that make frab an effective conference management tool:

  • Manage multiple conferences: Track all aspects of your event, including speakers, moderators, staff, and more.
  • Manage individual events: Assign people to events, track event states from inception to final confirmation, and print paper cards for offline planning.
  • Conduct a Call for Papers: Collect submissions from prospective speakers, let them enter their data themselves, review and rate submissions, and select submissions.
  • Schedule events: Drag-and-drop events onto your schedule, get instant feedback on conflicts, export schedules in different formats, and create custom PDF exports.
  • Ticket Server Integration: Support for OTRS, RT, and Redmine ticket servers, allowing you to manage event acceptance/rejection mailings and track requests.

These features make frab a powerful tool for managing conferences of all sizes, from small workshops to large-scale events. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, frab is an excellent choice for any organization looking to streamline their conference planning process.


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