A feature-rich event management system, made @ CERN, the place where the Web was born.

Indico: A Feature-Rich Event Management System

Indico is a powerful event management system designed to streamline the organization of conferences, meetings, and workshops. As the brainchild of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Indico has been successfully used every day at CERN to manage over 900,000 events and 200 meeting and conference rooms.

Main Features

Indico's robust feature set includes:

  • A powerful and flexible hierarchical content management system for events
  • Full-featured conference organization workflow with:
    • Call for Abstracts and abstract reviewing modules
    • Flexible registration form creation and configuration
    • Integration with existing payment systems
    • Paper reviewing workflow
    • Drag-and-drop timetable management interface
    • Simple badge editor with the ability to print badges and tickets for participants
  • Tools for meeting management and archival of presentation materials
  • Powerful room booking interface
  • Integration with existing video conferencing solutions

These features enable event organizers to efficiently manage every aspect of their events, from abstract submission and review to registration and ticketing. With Indico, you can focus on delivering exceptional experiences for your attendees while minimizing administrative burdens.

Try It Out!

Curious about Indico? You're in luck! We have a Sandbox environment where you can test the system risk-free. Just head over to and start exploring the features that make Indico an indispensable tool for event management.


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