Readeck is a simple web application that lets you save the precious readable content of web pages you like and want to keep forever. See it as a bookmark manager and a read later tool.

Product Overview

Readeck is a simple web application that allows you to save and organize readable content from the web, making it easy to revisit and review later. Think of it as a bookmark manager and read-later tool combined. With Readeck, you can save articles, images, videos, and more, and access them whenever you need to.

Main Features

🔖 Bookmarks

  • Save web pages by pasting links into Readeck
  • Detects when a page is an image or video and adapts its process accordingly

â­¤ Labels, Favorites, Archives

  • Move bookmarks to archives or favorites
  • Add labels to bookmarks for easy categorization

🖆 Highlights

  • Highlight important content in your bookmarks for easy reference later

🗃︕ Collections

  • Create custom collections based on search queries or labels
  • Access collections from the past 2 weeks with a specific label, such as "cat"

🧩 Browser Extension

  • Install the browser extension to save bookmarks in one click (available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)

📖 E-Book Export

  • Export articles or collections as single e-book files (EPUB)
  • Directly access Readeck's catalog and collections from supported e-readers (OPDS)

🔎 Full Text Search

  • Find specific text within articles using a full-text search feature
  • Search for articles with specific labels, from specific websites, or more

🚀 Fast!

  • Readeck is built on modern technology pieces, ensuring quick response times and a smooth user experience

🔒 Built for Your Privacy and Long-term Archival

  • Text and images are stored locally in your Readeck instance
  • No requests are made to external websites (except for videos)

With Readeck, you can curate your own content hub, create dynamic collections, highlight important content, and more. Try it out today!


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