A recipe keeper, meal plan organizer, and shopping list manager that can import recipes directly from any URL.

Product Overview

RecipeSage is a self-hosted software that serves as a recipe keeper, meal plan organizer, and shopping list manager. With RecipeSage, users can store all their recipes in one place, access them from any device, and enjoy features like powerful search, labeling/categorization system, drag-and-drop meal planning, and automatic shopping lists. The software also supports importing recipes from various websites, such as Pepperplate, Living Cookbook, and Paprika.

Main Features

  1. Import Recipes: RecipeSage allows users to import recipes directly from any URL, making it easy to gather and organize recipes from around the web.
  2. Powerful Search: The software features a powerful search function that can find recipes based on misspellings and similar words.
  3. Labelling/Categorization System: Users can tag their recipes and filter them by tags for easier organization.
  4. Drag-and-Drop Meal Planning: RecipeSage offers an interactive meal planning feature that allows users to schedule their meals quickly and easily.
  5. Shopping Lists: The software automatically categorizes and groups similar items together, making it easy to create a shopping list.
  6. Sharing and Public Profiles: Users can share their recipe collection and collaborate on meal plans and shopping lists with family or friends.
  7. Import/Export: RecipeSage supports importing recipes from other platforms (Pepperplate, Living Cookbook, Paprika) and exporting recipes in multiple formats for data portability.
  8. Dark Mode: The software features a dark mode option to reduce eye strain.

By self-hosting RecipeSage, users can enjoy the benefits of a customizable and private recipe management system.


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