Developer & translator friendly web-based localization platform enabling users to translate directly in the app they develop.


Tolgee is a developer- and translator-friendly web-based localization platform that enables users to translate directly in the app they develop. With Tolgee, developers can create a project, integrate the platform with their framework of choice (such as React, Angular, Vue, or Svelte), and start translating without leaving their IDE. The platform offers features such as translation memory suggestions, auto-translation, activity log, comment on translations, and translation history.

Main Features:

  1. Translation Memory Suggestions: Tolgee provides suggestions for translated strings based on similarity percentage, key, and original text.
  2. Auto Translation: Enable automatic translation using translation memory or machine translation services to translate new keys immediately after creation.
  3. Activity Log: Track who modified, reviewed, or commented on translations in your project.
  4. Comment on Translations: Provide feedback on translations and collaborate with others to improve the quality of translated content.
  5. Translation History: View the changes made to specific translations of a specific key in a specific language.

Tolgee offers a free plan, including 1,000 strings and 10,000 machine translation credits, making it an accessible solution for developers and translators alike.


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