Traggo is a tag-based time tracking tool. In Traggo there are no tasks, only tagged time spans.

Traggo: A Tag-Based Time Tracking Tool

Traggo is a self-hosted time tracking tool that allows users to track their time spans with customizable tags. Unlike traditional task-based time tracking tools, Traggo focuses on tagged time spans, giving users the flexibility to categorize and analyze their work in a way that suits their needs.

Main Features:

  • Easy setup for hosting on your own server
  • Time tracking with customizable tags
  • Customizable dashboards with diagrams
  • List and calendar views of tracked time
  • Sleek web UI with multiple themes
  • Simple user management
  • Versioning using SemVer

With Traggo, you can host the tool yourself, giving you full control over your data and no third-party access. The tool is designed to be highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their experience to fit their workflow needs.

Whether you're an individual or a freelancer, Traggo provides an intuitive way to track your time, set targets, and stay focused with its integrated Pomodoro method. The tool also offers powerful reporting via CSV and PDF, making it easy to generate reports for clients or export data for further processing.

Overall, Traggo is an open-source time-tracking tool that prioritizes user control, customization, and simplicity, making it a great option for anyone looking for a flexible and reliable way to track their time.


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