ZOT OCI Registry

A production-ready vendor-neutral OCI-native container image registry.

Product Overview

The ZOT OCI Registry is a production-ready, vendor-neutral container image registry that enables organizations to manage and secure their containerized applications. As an Open Container Initiative (OCI)-native registry, it provides a standards-based solution for storing, distributing, and managing container images. With the ZOT OCI Registry, developers can easily create, share, and deploy containers with confidence, while ensuring the security and integrity of their applications.

Main Features

The ZOT OCI Registry offers several key features that make it an attractive option for organizations looking to manage their containerized applications:

  • Support: The registry is built on top of the Open Container Initiative (OCI) standard, making it a vendor-neutral solution that supports multiple platforms and languages.
  • Supporting Dashy: The ZOT OCI Registry provides support for Dashy, a popular open-source dashboarding tool that enables users to visualize their containerized applications.
  • Credits: The registry is credited to NetFoundry, Inc., which developed and open-sourced the project.

Other Relevant Information

The OpenZiti project welcomes contributions from developers, including code, documentation, and bug reports. All OpenZiti code can be found on GitHub under the OpenZiti organization. The project also provides SDKs for various programming languages, including C, Go, JVM-based languages, Swift, NodeJS, and C#. Additionally, the registry includes a documentation project (ziti-doc) that powers the static documentation site.

Release Schedule

The ZOT OCI Registry follows a regular release schedule, which can be found on the OpenZiti GitHub page. The roadmap for future releases is also available for public review.


For more information about the ZOT OCI Registry and its features, please refer to the project's documentation, which includes guides, tutorials, and API references.


The ZOT OCI Registry has a clear roadmap outlining its development goals and priorities. The roadmap can be found on the OpenZiti GitHub page.


While there are other container image registries available, the ZOT OCI Registry is unique in its focus on providing a standards-based solution that supports multiple platforms and languages.


The ZOT OCI Registry is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


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